The Singaporean allows a very useful grant for the small or middle scale enterprises who intend to grow further. This grant is known as the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) extended by the Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to support the business growth of different commercial organizations. So, if you are looking for a branding grant Singapore for your trade, then knowing about EDG branding might be of huge help.

EDG can be used to build a brand, innovate the business and compete globally. According to Resilience Budget 2020, the support level of an EDG grant was raised from 70% to 80% maximum and it is valid untill 31st March 2022. You might be in need of a brand consultant and if so, then seek one who is certified and recognized by ESG for the administering and deploying of EDG branding.

About branding grant exercised by EDG

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) was founded to help companies in Singapore grow and transform for good. The purpose of this grant is to support the projects to upgrade, evolve and venture out to overseas opportunities.

It is of particular importance for SMEs to use the EDG for branding. EDG branding grants are entitled to get up to 80% of subsidies from ESG. This means that the SMEs are subjected to pay only 20% of the branding when under EDG.

In the present market scenario, when branding is more than just a logo, grants of such types can lead any budding business to the pinnacle of brand establishing, for B2B and B2C business verticals.