Numerous organists who go to the organ from having played piano for certain years think that it’s hard to dispose of the piano touch. This is significant in light of the fact that piano and organ activities are innately extraordinary so they require various methodologies on the best way to play each instrument. In the event that you battle with dodging piano touch when playing the organ, I prescribe you apply these 4 hints.

dan organ

  1. Keep the fingers in contact with the keys consistently. Attempt to compel yourself to recall this tip continually in light of the fact that it is significant for disposing of piano touch as well as for exactness in playing.

When you play piano, you lift the fingers high to plan for fresh movement downwards. On the organ you need to utilize totally unique methodology – you should not permit yourself to lift the fingers off the keyboard.

  1. Play mezzo piano. How frequently I see organists play the organ like they would play the piano. At the point when they need to expand elements, they utilize more power. At the point when they need the organ sound uproarious, they play it as piano with heaps of power.

This is an inaccurate methodology which makes your playing seem as though piano players as well as you will discover it very hard to arrange the discharges thusly. So utilize just as a lot of power as is expected to press the key and not more. Elements on the organ are made by changing stops and additionally opening and shutting the swell box and not through the touch.

  1. Keep the chest area straight. At the point when you play piano, it is very normal to move your chest area when you feel the rising pressure in the music dan organ. On the organ it is an incredible inverse. The more quiet you sit on the seat, the better you will be in charge of your hand and feet developments.

You need to feel like director who is just offering bearings to his/her ensemble. The best directors make their body developments negligible on the grounds that it isn’t them however the individuals from the ensemble who need to carry out the responsibility of playing.

The equivalent is with organ playing – you need to let your fingers and feet carry out the responsibility. You simply give them headings what to do. In this manner, there is no compelling reason to move your chest area like you would in playing the piano.