Medical 3D Printing

Why is everyone running behind 3d printing since it entered the market? It has been in the market for many years, but suddenly it has become the primary source for the medical field. Everything that they struggled with has suddenly become easy and this is because of medical 3d printing. But why choose 3D printing when 2D printing is still present?

Better Efficiency

Humans are always after the things that are more efficient than the previous one and that is not their fault either. everything has to be done with the most accuracy to reduce our work and such is the case for the medical field as well. with 3D printing, the results to be printed are done much more efficiently and accurately.

Higher Definition Results

2d printing has its limitations when it comes to scanning results and X-Ray results. There were always some things that cannot be looked into in 2d scan images and those are the most important ones for which the results were being looked into. With 3D printing being possible, the results are printed in a higher definition so that not even a minor change can be missed out.

Customizing To Patient’s Needs

Things like bone fitting and prosthetics were difficult before 3D printing came into the medical field. That is because there was only one regular-sized one that was made as a fit-all version. But these were not effective because people have different anatomies and therefore require different sizes and structures for fitting perfectly. This was only possible after 3D printing came because it was easier to customize the model fittings.