Telugu Inspiration movies that has true facts: Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is a south indiantelugu family film written and directed by SujaiKarampuri and SushilKarampuri. Is a comedy drama that just shows hard facts in a humorous and simple way. This is a must watch film for telugu people. Watch pressure cooker movie online and get inspired.

More about movie:

Runtime: 2 hr 15 mins

Release Date: 21 February 2020

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Sai Ronak

Actress: PreethiAsrani

Other Actors: Rahul Ramakrishna

Director :SujoiKarampuri, SushilKarampuri

Producer: SujoiKarampuri, SushilKarampuri, Appi Reddy

Music Director : Sunil Kashyap, Rahul Sipligunj

Cinematographer: NageshBanell, AnithMadadi


Hero Kishore comes to city Hyderabad intending to go to the United States of America for a settlement. He stays with his friends for the time being and tries a lot to get the visa but all his efforts get drained. Meanwhile, he gets close to a girl next door and falls in love with her. Her goals are quite opposite to his as she cannot go to the USA with him. Disappointment hits him hard and he loses his mind thinking all the bad things happen to him. Then he slowly starts to get back to a right state of mind and realizes that it is not his goal to go to the USA but the stereotypic mindset of his father made him believe that going to the USA is the only standardized way of living his life. He then gets his visa approved after all the struggle and a bunch of declines, going to the USA has become a tough choice to choose. What will he choose when it comes to a moment where he has to choose between a better financially stable life without family and having to live with the people whom he loves?

Technical Assets:

  • Storyline of the movie is soo fabulous and relatable that it is mind blowing.
  • Breathtaking music, this movie has the best music and background score all in the intense and at the fun level. You can just feel the movie only through its music as well.
  • Screenplay! The screenplay of the movie is just love! Craziness of love and it’s vibes is all over in every bit of it. A passionate movie.
  • Locations of this pressure cooker are so good! They are perfectly hand picked. Background and perfectly grown in the movie to enhance the beauty.

Artist performance:

  • Sai Ronak is a charmer. He is new to Telugu audience yet he impresses each and everyone with his acting skills.
  • PreethiAsrani is beautiful and pretty on the screen. She was just effortless in her acting of carrying emotions.
  • Rahul Ramakrishna is a great asset to the movie! His dialogues, performance, comedy timing has dominated the main leads.

This is a telugu inspirational film that has true facts about telugu families and their perception towards their kids’ future. It is one of the best telugu movies released in recent times. Watch pressure cooker movie online and enjoy weekends.