Our school is dedicated to providing your child with not only high-quality English education but also access to a community of English learners. english lessons for kids classmates to collaborate and form friendships both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Process for Educating Children

Online level test for free

You would be delighted to meet your youngster and assess his or her present English proficiency. This 15-minute test will evaluate your child’s ability to communicate, read, comprehend, and think critically.


Following the level exam, one of our helpful consultants will call you to discuss your child’s present English level and what ULC can do to help them advance in their language.

Lessons from the trial

This sample lesson is used to ensure that your child enjoys his time studying online with ULC. English lessons for kids confident they’ll appreciate it, but and want to make sure they’re at ease.

Registration and consultation

Once again, a member of our friendly staff will contact you to review your child’s trial lesson and then take the required procedures to enrol him or her in his or her new class.

 improve english course



Students who read extensively can also write extensively. Our concentration is on improving reading as an input skill to increase writing as an output ability.


Our products are designed to teach grammar in a way that students can understand. There will be no tedious grammatical lessons.

Analysis and evaluation

Because thinking in English is an important ability, our focus is to work with your child to ensure that he or she not only gets the right answer but also understands how it was arrived at.