“Visit the temple” for the first time after the baby is born. It is an important event to pray for the healthy growth of our child, but you are worried about what kind of clothes to wear to the baby. This time, conducted a questionnaire about the clothes that your children wore on the day of their visit to the palace. It will also introduce manners on how to choose, and recommended brands!

Visit the palace, what do you do with the baby’s clothes?

Visiting the temple is the first event for babies to report the birth of the baby to Mr. god and pray for healthy growth. Generally, it is said that boys do it on the 31st day after birth and girls do it on the 32nd day, but recently it is not so caught up in this custom, and the timing of doing it is different depending on the family, such as doing it at the same timing as “the seventh night on the 7th day after birth, “the beginning of eating ” on the 100th day after birth or choosing when the mother and baby are in good physical condition. The percentage of those who wear baby dresses in singapore is high, and recently it seems that wearing baby dresses has become more standard than old-fashioned formal clothing.

Formal attire such as celebratory clothes

Although it was only a small margin, it was the most common formal dress. Since it is an important event, it seems that there are still many families who want to cherish the old customs. it may take time and effort to put it on, but it seems that dressing them firmly in.