If you have any kind of gynecological problems they should not be delayed and they have to be treated as fast as possible. If you want to have a best fertility advice it is always better to visit the gynec in the start of your menstrual cycle. So that if there are any hormonal disturbances in you they do a hormonal test and will let you know if there are any disturbances

 If not they do other kinds of test whether the egg is able to fuse with the urethra membrane or not and also if there is any defect in the egg which is formed during the move election time .so it is always advisable as a lady if you have any kind of reproductive problems then it is always better to visit gynecologist at your place

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fertility specialist singapore where the gynecologist is very experienced and with his or her experience they will treat you with the best options available and you need not worry about any kind of problem

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 Usually some conditions are very easy to handle in such cases the gardening provide you the best advice and you need not worry about the kids there are various methods available by either growing the embryo in vitro or in vivo

 So my suggestion is if you have any kind of infertility stresses then it is better to visit the gynec as fast as possible and they will conduct few tests which has to be done and then they will let you know what exactly the problem is